Chlorine DioxideChlorine Dioxide

A very powerful compound

Did you know that MMS has been used in the treatment of municipal water for more than 70 years...

Did you know that Chlorine Dioxide has been used within our Municipal Water supplies for over 60 years? 
Chlorine dioxide has been used within our municipal drinking water supplies in the USA and much of Europe for a good part of the last 60 years. The compound chlorine dioxide has been firmly cemented now as a failsafe water sterilization alternative to the well known chlorine molecule - better known as the raw component of pool chlorine and mustard gas. As time goes on, chlorine is being actively phased out and replaced with the much more effective chlorine dioxide molecule.

As time goes on, chlorine is being removed from our drinking water supplies around the world due to the ever increasing health implications of this chemical. Chlorine is well known for breaking down into powerful carcinogens, with the main ones being trihalomethanes (THMs). Additionally, other elements such as iodine, bromine, fluorine, as well as other halogens are also being discovered to have many  deleterious health consequences - hence forth being removed one by one. The compound chlorine dioxide breaks down harmlessly into inert substances within a period of 2 - 3 hours, and just as importantly DOES NOT form THMs.

In the USA,  there is a piece of legislation called the "Safe Water Drinking Act", in which has dictated many amendments and positive changes to the water requirements that US citizens have been subjected to over the past 20 years. This amended piece of legislation requires that chlorine dioxide is to be used preferentially over the more commonly used chlorine, and that over time chlorine will Molecule-of-chorine-dioxidebe completely phased out. This will obviously assist us in two major ways - being that there will be no harmful breakdown products as there is with chlorine, as well as being much more effective at killing pathogens than chlorine is.


Chlorine Dioxide (MMS) is lethal against virtually all water bourne contaminants, and actively eliminates:

  • Carcinogenic Substances - Potential carcinogens such as iron, odors and certain aromatics, cyanides in waste water, manganese, 3, 4-benzopyrene, as well as a host of dyes found in water as a result of plant matter, chlorophyll, and also pesticides.
  • Organic Contaminants - Chlorine dioxide completely sterilizes and hence forth eliminates contaminants such as viruses, botulism, chloera, cryptosporidium, e. coli and Guardia.


Advantages over Chemical Treatment

  • Chlorine Dioxide (MMS) cannot break down into Trihalomethanes (THMs) as chlorine will, and will not lead to the creation of bromochloromethane and chloroform as chlorine will. 
  • Chlorine Dioxide (MMS) finds it impossible to chemically react with ammonia, any type of  compounds that are nitrogenous in nature, or to form precursors to form dangerous chloroform derivatives as chlorine will.  


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