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What is MMS - how similar is it to chlorine?


It will comfort you to know that chlorine dioxide and the chemical called chlorine share very little in common. Chlorine is abundant in nature, and is one of the most common elements upon the earth's surface. Chlorine forms salts with many other chemicals - table salt perhaps being the best known example. It is required for life, and this is true in our case also. This element is a powerful oxidizer, and is found in prolific amounts within the earth's oceans.

Chlorine dioxide, on the other hand is a molecule that is composed of two oxygen ions and one chlorine ion that are firmly bound together.

Although both chlorine and chlorine dioxide both share a chlorine element in their makeup - this is about the only thing they share in common! Though both of these structures are powerful oxidizers, the way in which both achieve this is vastly different. Chlorine dioxide has the ability to selectively remove electrons from pathogens and diseased tissue - whereas chlorine will indiscriminately kill anything and everything!

You should know that chlorine dioxide has been approved for a very long time by the EPA in its ability to effectively and more safely remove organisms that are pathogenic in nature - such as the dreaded anthrax!

MMS solution is a mixture of 28% sodium chlorite that has been standardized within a distilled water base.

Chlorine dioxide (MMS) has been used for over 6 decades by various Water Boards around the world to treat our municipal drinking water. 

How long does chlorine dioxide stay active within the body?

The MMS solution has an average period of activity of between 2 - 3 hours, and after this period it begins to break down into its harmless constituents - primarily being water and carbon dioxide. 

What can I do if I can't deal with the taste as the dosage increases?

In the beginning, MMS is usually tolerated quite well, but as the dose increases, some may find the taste a little on the unpleasant side. This is ok, as you are allowed to add the MMS to fruit juices - just be completely sure that there is NO ascorbic acid within it (there usually is, so read the lable closely!).

Again, be sure to find a juice that has no vitamin C content! Ascorbic acid is a powerful antagonist to the mechanics of chlorine dioxide.

MMS and Dental Amalgams?

There is no danger with using chlorine dioxide when one has amalgams - this compound cannot oxidize metals. Conversely, other oxidizers such as hydrogen peroxide readily attack amalgams - thus creating a very dangerous situation within the body.

What are the payment methods? 

Payment can be made by using direct deposit only - payment details as shown on the product page.

How is my product sent? 

Your order is sent out immediently after receiving payment, either on the same day or at the very latest the next morning. Goods are usually received within a period of 1 - 3 days for most areas within Australia. Please be sure that the correct postage details are supplied.

Is there a money back guarantee? 
Yes, absolutely. All we require is that the unused portion is returned to us within a period of 14 days of delivery to qualify for a full no questions asked refund. It is best to contact us prior to returning the product to us - this enables us to facillitate a full refund ASAP.

Note: The burden of postage and handling is the responsibility of the purchasee.



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